Empower Your Employees Through Your Leadership.

How To Increase The Productivity Without Burning People Out.

I help professionals in the financial industry escape fears and frustrations, gain career confidence, and become not only happier but also much more productive at work.

Empower Your Employees Through Your Leadership.

How To Increase The Productivity Without Burning People Out.

I help leaders and teams in the financial industry improve the way they communicate and collaborate, which directly boosts employee engagement. By increasing their awareness levels they can escape fears and frustrations, gain career confidence, and become happier and much more productive at work.


What I do​

In everything that I do, effective communication, self-awareness, and the concept of authentic leadership are always central.

I Work With Teams

One thing that healthy organizations and teams have in common is that they understand the importance of effective communication. When the leaders speak, their teams feel recognized, included, and significant. The employees feel engaged because they see the link between daily operational tasks and the big financial goal.

Sometimes teams need external support to break through barriers, to find ways to come together and work more effectively. Maybe you have many new team members who don't know each other? Have you gone through a crisis or a change that has caused friction and disconnect between people?

No matter what situation or stage you are in, you should always ensure that the communication is at a level where it's enabling and not hindering your growth. 

I Coach Individuals

Until You Have Uncovered Your Natural Strength You Will Never Reach Your Full Potential

Coaching is a strategic alliance between you, me, and the coaching process. It’s designed for you to reach your goals. Coaching is not counseling where we ponder on the past or dwell on drama, it's a powerful tool that will help you see the wisdom and potential which is already within you. 

If you are serious about your own growth and are willing to invest in the most important person in your life, then coaching is for you. As a coach I will help you find your truth, I will stand by you to break through barriers and to push you when needed.

I Speak at Events

Do you need a keynote speaker for your event to provide you with new perspectives and a shift in your awareness? Does your team need some inspiration and new energy? Contact me to discuss what I can offer. Authentic leadership, individual strengths, self-awareness, and how teams can work better together are some of the topics I've covered so far.

My Courses & Training Programs

You will notice that self-awareness is at the heart of all communication and leadership training programs that I offer. I believe that we must, first of all, understand how our behavior impacts the people around us, how our thoughts impact our feelings, and how our values steer our actions before we can lead ourselves and others effectively.

When I work with teams and organizations I provide group coaching, team building activities based on DISC, I facilitate the Leadership Game, and I create frameworks for powerful discussions to increase employee engagement and enable growth.

For individuals, I offer online training programs on the platform in addition to the coaching.

Please reach out to me to get more details. I offer various courses and programs that can be adapted to any individual, group, and organization.

You want to know more?​

Schedule a call with me to hear more about what I do and if there is anything I can do to help you.



“Sophia has inspired me to become the high-level leader I never thought I could be. The sessions with Sophia had an amazing impact on me when I realised who I need to be, and that’s me! I accepted it and now I understand a lot more about myself.  I really appreciate Sophia and see her as a good example to follow as I make my own steps."

Rita, Vice President, Financial Services Industry

Who is Sophia Karlsson?

My passion is seeing the unique potential in everyone. I find myself naturally drawn to people who want to continue and develop their lives because I'm convinced that everyone has a world champion living (or sleeping…) inside of them.

I have spent almost 20 years in the financial industry. I had a goal to climb the classic career ladder, but I realized more and more for each year how much more engagement and heart I had for the people I worked with over the financial products and regulations.

What I have seen throughout my own career is that knowing our strengths and growth potential empowers us. So I love to take people on a journey where they discover their natural strengths and how they can build a career without sacrificing their happiness.