Hi there, I'm Sophia

Hi there, I'm Sophia


My Story

I’m Sophia Karlsson - a leadership consultant, talent coach, and speaker specializing in authentic leadership.

Before starting my own business, I spent 20 years in the financial industry. I had a goal to climb the classic career ladder, but I realized more and more for each year how much stronger engagement and passion I had for the people I worked with over the financial products and regulations.

It also frustrated me to see how the investment in human ("soft") skills always came after the investment in technical skills, if at all. I see companies that reward and give attention to technical accomplishments but neglect the importance of valuing people. It is a strategy that might seem to work in the short run but it will always cost more in the long run.

“If you prioritize and invest in your people, they will do everything to help you succeed.”

Nowadays, I help professionals grow both as individuals and leaders by exposing them to their natural strengths and behavior. I work with teams and organizations who are ready to increase their motivation and productivity levels through honest communication and authentic leadership.

Let’s find out how we can work together to increase the sense of purpose and trust in your team so that your people can go to work feeling fulfilled and successful. I’m sure you already know that employee engagement directly impacts productivity, innovative thinking, health, retention and so much more. I have several tools and programs that can help you.

Feedback & Reviews​

“Several things struck very close to home for me. Currently feeling very unengaged at my job and now I realised why I’m so frustrated and demotivated. It gave me a lot of hope that I can change this situation for myself. Now I know what I need to feel motivated.”


Executive Manager, Financial Services

”The training was amazing! Helped us identify not only our own behaviors but also the ones around us. What I loved most is that you gave us peace of mind to love and accept our styles!”


Former Senior Executive, Corporate Banking

“Wow! So incredibly professional, well-spoken, and pleasant to listen to!  Super interesting topic and so important! Everyone would need to hear this, everyone can learn from this webinar. I like the whole concept of that we are all needed. For me, there were several new insights and a lot of thoughts that were set in motion. I want to learn more!”


Client Executive, Private Banking

As A Company You Will NEVER Become More Successful Than Your People.

Low employee engagement is and should be, the nightmare of every company. With it comes low productivity, frustration, high turnover, and poor communication. Eventually, the clients will notice and you will end up with a problem that is way more complex, urgent, and expensive than it was when your employees started to give you hints about it.

Companies who invest in their people BEFORE they face a crisis, conflict or change (because no company is immune) will solve their issues faster, cheaper, and in unity. It’s like insurance, you don’t take the insurance after the damage is already done, you make the smaller payments before to minimize the cost later.

Prioritize and invest in your people first, make sure they are equipped, empowered and engaged so that they are ready and happy to walk the extra mile for the clients and for you as a company.